VIP100 Monthly - PV

100.00 GBP

Discord Subscriber role/colour
Access to Discord Subscribers channel (text & voice)
Text mention in Discord
White-listed on all Merric maps (allows you to join server even if full)
10000 bonus coins
6 Dino region colours – This will cover one entire dino, or choose 6 dinos, one region each
Neutered Level 359 Giga, Saddle & Bone Costume ( One time reward )
Neutered Level 359 Rex, Saddle & Bone Costume ( One time reward )
2x Coin Rate (120 coins/hour)
10000 Bonus Coins (each monthly renewal)

2 Gender Change Token's (each monthly renewal)
Tribe Logs to Discord
48 Hour Raid Protection once per month!
( On proof you have been raided! )

Weekly Boss kills / Subscriber events. See our event calendar